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Search the entire Häfele Catalogue in accordance with your own criteria.

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Example: Doorstop Vieler stainless
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Keyword Search Help

Separate search criteria with blanks. Entries are not case insensitive. Possible search criteria include
  • product and article descriptions (e.g., doorstop)
  • characteristics and features (e.g., stainless steel)
  • brand and model names (e.g., Vieler)

Search by article number

Example: 321.30.626
Enter the number with or without the dots, at least three digits

Art. No. Search Help

Searching byArticle especially helpful, if you know the article number (e.g., from earlier purchase orders) and you want to know more about the current prices or other changes.

Enter at least the first 3 digits of the article no. You don't need to enter the dots.

Catalogue Page

Example: 1.21 or 9.117
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Catalogue Search Help

Häfele e@sy link contains every pages of the three main catalogues as well as various subcatalogs
  • Furniture Fittings
  • Door knobs and window catchers
  • Door Locking Systems
  • Furniture Handles
  • Installation Engineering
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