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Services for the Furniture Industry

Our partnership with the furniture industry is a key focus for Häfele.

To further strengthen our ongoing partnership with the furniture industry we established the new company Häfele Engineering. The Häfele Engineering is exclusively dedicated to the needs of the furniture industry - for every step in the value chain.

This company's team works at the interface between development and production of hardware technology and the design and manufacture of new or existing furniture ranges.

This commitment and our 8 industrial brands allow us to offer first class products and services. Most of the exclusive Häfele branded products are manufactured in our plants and the well recognized ‘Made in Germany’ applies to many of them.

Häfele brands are a promise to the industry. Customers know what to expect.


Engineered by Häfele

The world's most comprehensive and successful connector and shelf support range. It includes lightweight panel fittings, RTA connectors, rear panel fittings, shelf supports and shelf clamp supports.
Movement of furniture flaps par excellence. It’s never been easier. The Lift + Turn product range includes flap fittings and hinges.
The multi-functional drawer system for a wide range of applications. Moovit includes drawer side and runner systems.
Maximum functionality for rooms with soft and silent running furniture sliding doors. The Slido product range includes sliding door and soft closing systems.
The electronic access control and locking system for furniture and doors.
A system for designing modern and multifunctional workplaces. The Officys product range includes office furniture equipment and accessories.
The furniture LED lighting system for the industry based on an international standard with functional plug’n'play technology. The Loox product range includes LED lighting systems.
The brand for Engineered Products and Components. The EPC product range offers customized hardware and fitting solutions in proven quality.

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